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Data Science is our passion. And our passion generates value for your business. We turn numbers into stories.

Data Science - Your competitive edge in rough times

Today's companies and indeed societs have undergone a radical transformation: products and services still need to be reliable, but they also need to be tailored to customer needs and expectations. This can only be done by constantly managing and analyzing your data. Data has become a wealth that still remains largely untapped. And KDSS sets out to change this.

Data science is located at the intersection of computer science, statistics and social science. Its aim is simple to describe: to generate value from data and information. And it is this value that secures a company's competitive edge in a globalized marketplace.


At KDSS, we generate value from data. We do this by monitoring social media to empower our clients to understand their customers' needs and desires. We complement this with geo-statistical models so that our clients know where to reach there customers with a maximized return on investment. In confluence, KDSS' approach to data science alows our clients to utilize these micro-moments that are so valuable in generating revenue.

KDSS - Experience and Excellence

KDSS has years of experience in working with big data in scientific and economic contexts. We use state of the art technology and methods and add our own developments on top. Structured data, NoSQL, images or natural language - if it's data, KDSS can handle and analyze it efficiently and professionally.

At KDSS we are data nerds. We do data science because it's our passion. And since its our passion, we want to share it with our clients. This is is why KDSS never delivers only black boxes. Every solution delivered by KDSS also contains documentation and tailored training. We want our clients to understand what we do with their data, and how the added value came about.

Christoph Waldhausers headshotAs the founder of KDSS, Christoph has become the chief architect of our enterprise. Having a solid background in empirical social research and years of experience in programming statistical and data-driven solutions for diverse clients, he excels in turning numbers into stories. No matter how well hidden a nugget of information is, he will find it.

While rounding up his studies in political science and statistics, Christoph started working with the Vienna-based SORA institute. There he was responsible for delivering analyses of clients' market situation, developed software tools to support election night forecasting and conducted in-house statistical training.

In 2010 Christoph decided to return to academia to pursue his doctorate. Being employed at WU Vienna University of Economics and Business, he has worked on diverse projects ranging from the analysis of massive data sets, to consulting in classical statistics, to evolutionary computing and fighting off zombies.

After his tenure with WU, Christoph joined up with HEROLD Business Data, Austria's premier media house, spearheading HEROLD's data science efforts. There, he has worked extensively on classification problems and understanding consumer behaviour and designed HEROLD's big data infrastructure.

He has also been teaching introductory and advanced statistics and data mining at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

His research is focused on optimization using evolutionary computing techniques, data-driven analyses and classical statistics' advanced modeling.